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I downloaded it from an download-link, but the path is not showed. The best way to make it, is to delete the path after sudo until —volume and to go in your installer with right click, select contents, go in folder Ressources and drag and drop createinstallmedia on your terminal after sudo. This lets you copy and pate the Terminal commands without worrying about getting every last keysrtoke and space correct. Worth noting that this generates an installer volume. The title of this page completely leads one to believe the solution will be created after going through this process.

Quelle est la bonne ligne à rentrer dans le terminal? How can I get the path to work properly? For what OS? What now? The terminal command posted here to create a bootable drive installing High Sierra is not valid! Not a valid mount point. Need to replace only the Highlighted part of the command. Après avoir modifier le chemin, appuyez sur la touche "Entrée".

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Appuyer sur "Entrée" après avoir saisi votre mot de passe. Vérifiez le nom et le chemin de votre clé USB. Si c'est juste, tapez "y" puis " Entrée". I think you have to change the format first of your USB. I did it with a brand new USB and had not trouble. Would you happen to know a workaround? Many thanks.

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Le Terminal vous indique "Done". C'est que la création de la clé bootable a réussi. Vous pouvez maintenant démarrer sur votre clé en appuyant sur la touche "alt" lors du démarrage de votre Mac. Overall iFixit guides are great. This one is just good. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. However they involve typing or cutting and pasting a lot of text. This is cumbersome and highly prone to typos, etc. Another one of them has a nifty trick of simply dragging the icon for the usb drive to the terminal window. So while these instructions are clear and work, there are les error prone ways to achieve the same result.