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In the context of a life insurance company offering complementary pension products to its policyholders, the risk is even greater especially when the product aims to extend the life span or a downward trend mortality. The insurer faces in this case to longevity risk. This thesis proposes in the first part, an analysis of longevity risk and its impact on earnings of a company in case of drift.

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In order to assess this fact, this elongation in our study, a forecast of future mortality was deemed necessary through the usage of prospective mortality tables on a complementary pension portfolio. This thesis in its third part, suggests and compares three transfer solutions: longevity swap, the quota share and excess of period. Detailed cost analysis of these three coverage methods is provided according to the different characteristics of affiliates.

Furthermore, the impacts on the quantitative requirements imposed by Solvency II standard are also measured, hence determining the SCR subscription under longevity risk and the SCR counterparty under the default risk of the reinsurance company. These methods will certainly decrease the risk to the insurer.

But how much and for what cost? Mémoire complet. WordPress: J'aime chargement….

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