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Elle se manifeste la nuit, dans cette petite ferme isolée des États-Unis. Au menu : sursauts, démon terrifiant et une bonne dose de stress. Oserez-vous décrocher votre téléphone après ce film? En plus des scènes où la sonnerie du téléphone vous fera sursauter, Scream possède un hommage au film du genre des années tout au long de son intrigue.

À l'image de Devine qui vient dîner? Il s'évade ensuite de prison pour revenir semer la terreur dans sa ville natale le soir d'Halloween. Elle est la seule à remarquer qu'un homme la suit et décide de se battre coûte que coûte. Sorti en , il terrifie toujours des générations de spectateurs et de spectatrices. Ou se cacher sous le plaid lors que les pères Karras et Merrin tentent de sauver la fillette qui leur parle d'une voix démoniaque? Predator : Requiem. Ses membres auraient tué et mangé une quarantaine de voyageurs isolés, auxquels ils tendaient des pièges.

Le clan Bean est exécuté sans procès.

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Plusieurs siècles plus tard, le réalisateur Wes Craven met en scène une famille d'Américains partie sur les routes de Californie. Mais un accident en plein désert du Nouveau-Mexique fait basculer son voyage dans l'horreur la plus totale. Mais le petit garçon est de plus en plus incontrôlable. Un soir, Samuel demande à sa mère de lui lire Les Contes de Mister Badabook , un livre apparu mystérieusement dans leur maison. Peu à peu, Samuel est sujet à des terreurs nocturnes, tandis qu'Amelia ressent une présence maléfique dans la maison.

Seuls, ils vont devoir affronter leur plus grande terreur. Important : si vous avez peur de regarder sous votre lit ou dans votre placard avant de vous endormir, évitez ce film. Sorti en , The Witch est probablement l'un des plus dérangeants de cette liste. Ses images et son ambiance très malsaine vous poursuivront longtemps après le générique de fin. Un père puritain est exilé avec sa famille en dehors d'une communauté. Il doit reconstituer, avec sa femme et ses enfants, leur vie de famille, dans une cabane misérable aux abords d'un bois. Immersing the stage and the public in constant darkness, Seuil Optique creates soundscapes where electronic transmissions, acousmatic landscapes and refined drones intersect.

By jostling the boundaries between listening, blind manipulation of machines and immersive experience offered to the audience, the two musicians explore new sound tracks, in permanent dialogue with hybrid Topics: industrial, experimental electronic, idm, abstract, futuristic, cyberpunk, dark electronic. Absorbed in music for about 20 years, with many solo and collaborative releases, MR. SMiFF is continuing to experiment with various musical forms and styles. He is deeply immersed in observation of feelings, emotions, psychology and behaviors, in constant search of new means of musical expression, through old and new technologies.

The music has been influenced by and bears the same name Topics: ambient, experimental, electronic, abstract, glitch. Ghast's Prism is a one woman project from Tucson, Arizona, Us. Topics: gothic, darkwave, witch house, dark electronic, industrial, dark music, ritual, new age.

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We have an enchanting and grandiose star parade! All significant stellar magnitudes and stages of thermonuclear life are presented here. Some participants are very small in size and temperament — brown dwarfs. And here are the hot supergiants — move away slightly, only a dozen of astronomical units, to see them in their entirety. Here we have a group of compact stars, among which are cute little white dwarfs and their opposites — dark and treacherous neutron stars.

Unfortunately, we did Topics: space ambient, cinematic, interstellar, atmospheric, soundscape, picturesque, environmental, Cover design by Marco Madruga , photography by Carina Nunes. Topics: cinematic, soundtrack, ost, laidback, ambient, electronic, portuguese guitar. An assorted collection of non-album tracks, remixes and collaborations which featured on various label compilations between - One or two tracks are exclusive to this release.

Topics: Launay, France, audio-psycho-phonique, electroacoustic, experimental, musique concrète, musique Mist Spectra singer of humanfobia website Topics: glitch, idm, cyberpunk, electronic, futuristic, experimental electronic. Laidback electronic sounds by Hungarian project Niteffect , a return to their releases on Enough Records after a 13 year hiatus, previously releasing under Nick Otheen.

Topics: electronic, ambient, idm, laidback. The latest LP by Advances in Obsolete Technology, "The Perceptual Process" , explores themes of refocusing, organizing, interpreting and responding to stimuli during times of uncertainty. Written and produced while isolated at home March-April , the moods and electronic genres range from subdued to manic, anxious to hopeful, organic to synthetic. A bit of creative therapy for the producer and hopefully for the listener, as well.

Topics: electronic, ambient, experimental, techno, laptoptronia, IDM, electro. On remix duties, LAVR provides us with textbook, zenonesque precision. From his space station, he commands cinematic breaks, dark stabs and fluid grooves. Zephyr EP is well-rounded in its broad approach to the When I first started I was absolutely mortified at how wasteful we are in this country and likely most of the developed world. There is so much food waste tins, dried goods that get thrown away even though they are perfectly fine.

I eat what I think is OKay. Me and others also find gold, silver, rolex watches etc. I found a bottle of whiskey valued at pounds Topics: electronic, electronica, idm, ambient, experimental, abstract, chill, chillout, garbage, trash, Topics: slnt, kelebek evrimi, silent flow. Vulpiano Records is pleased to present the enchanting 'Hayagriva' - five psychedelic, drone-drenched landscapes that inspire the imagination and offer an escape into another world. Comes with a download card for the album! Topics: drone, synth, psychedelic, electronic, dark ambient.

Six tracks composed at the beginning of the Covid containment. The Universe is calling, brave rangers of the Soviet Space! You are going to be the first to conquer the space, and to say for sure, this event responds with pride in your hearts! This most important task will require maximum dedication, conscientious work and an inquiring mind — we have high expectations on you, all of humanity is looking at you!

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Researchers, scientists and experimenters: you seek to know the boundless abode of the sky — honor and praise to you! Combine your aspirations, Topics: berlin school, em, traditional electronic, space ambient, idm, synthwave, experimental, Sounds of noisy guitars stand out around and through the slow reverberating piano flows, presenting an environment more dense and obscure than usual that provides a solitary Topics: ambient, drone, experimental, electroacoustic, drone ambient, chillout, abstract ambient.

Topics: Electronica, Ambient. The purpose is to bring an experimental mixture of soundscapes trying to evoke for the listener a sense of bewilderment, fear and astonishment, just like a monkey could feel travelling through space. Basically it's an attempt to explore how human curiosity and arrogance can generate forms of evil that are against the nature of things, using innocent living forms as oblivious Topics: sr, , drone, ambient, experimental, dark ambient, monkeeastronaut, spettro rec, spettro Ninurta is a moniker of the composer Julien A.

Topics: dark ambient, horror, soundtrack, dark soundscapes, drone, creepy music.

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Working primarily in the areas of drone, ambient, musique concrète, and electroacoustic improvisation, Nicholas creates personal, evocative recordings, while at the same time offering a pallet of sound Topics: ambient, drone, soundscape, electroacoustic, drone ambient, experimental. Mystified is a largely drone ambient act. He has been recording as mystified for over 2 decades. Recently he has been looking into live music composition. This album was composed live, in real time.

Electronic ambient album by Genox , an old friend of Enough Records, compiling together tracks from a couple of self-released EPs back in Now playing, Storage Unit presents its 17th recording from The Hairy Giant consisting of two of his latest ambient tracks. There are many locusts on the battlefield, but fear not, for they have abandoned their outer shells to fight All sounds from the original Bone Drones series by mystified.

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These are trombone sounds that have been effected and generatively remixed. Topics: Thomas Park, generative, public domain, trombone, drone, loop, iterative, brass, experimental. Created using a unique combination of generative and live looping techniques. Topics: Thomas Park, generative, public domain, loop, sample, iterative, ambient, experimental, drone, Scrivo musica per fotografare momenti di trascendenza, attimi di sospensione e stupore mistico.

Prendo appunti sonori per ricordare questi momenti come in un diario privato.

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