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Installation de NRPE à partir des sources

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If you are yet to install the Icinga; visit the post of Installing Icinga on Centos 7. Icinga Remote Host: Install the required packages. The nrpe.

How to Extract .tgz or .tar File in Windows Operating System 2019 - Simple Method

For example if you execute the second command on the terminal, it will check the running process; it will warn when the process more than or it will report critical when the process more than and at the same time it will say OK if process below Now you can see the warning message, according to your requirement you can modify it. Edit commands. You can use the following template, modify according to your requirement. The following screenshot shows the remote Linux server with the default service available.


That's All. Note: L'utilisation de make menuconfig nécessite l'installation préalable du package libncurses5-dev. Sélectionner les modules pour les iptables Depuis la version 2. On vérifiera donc que l'on a bien notamment la ligne suivante dans.