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Air-flight to Lima, Peru Participation? Machu Picchu seems to have been utilized by the Inca as a secret ceremonial city. Some people say that the best way to rediscover your true self and freedom is to travel as much and as widely as you can.

Why is this? What happens when we move that makes us feel more free and happier? It has to do with the unknown!


When we go, especially in countries with the culture very different from the culture we were brought up and see new places and faces, when everything is brand new, the mind stops. Nothing is the way we are used to be, so the mind can not follow its usual patterns and habitual behavior. This adventure is a spiritual one as much as an external one! The essence of this trip is for you to overcome any fear that you might have at any level, spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, to gain back your power and finally set yourself free!

In the midst of coming back home to yourself, have fun and meet new friends! He will help each of you to receive the maximum benefit, from this experience, and awaken your true essence. The trip will include practices for the awakening of the inherent part of ourselves which is the true being that we are!

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Reserve your spot now! We will see you all there! Time passed quickly and we are already in the summer! Are you ready for a deep awakening? Are you ready to enter deeper inside yourself and find a deeper connection to your soul? This is a special camp in a place of power on the island of Samothraki - Greece.

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We will connect with unique energy and powerful teachings that will change the way you see yourself and your life! Also because this is an island of ancient mysteries the camp is dedicated to self-healing and awakening of the inner resources of the organism! Reserve Your spot and let's go again to this majestic place in the world to rejuvenate ourselves and evolve our awareness. Accéder directement au contenu COVID advisory For the health and safety of Meetup communities, we're advising that all events be hosted online in the coming weeks. Learn more.

Télécharger Spiritual Awakening Android: Applications

Brussels Spiritual Awakening Group. Bruxelles, Belgique. Thirdly, in physical awakening we wake up because back of our consciousness we have planned already a work to be done during that day. Usually during the night before we sleep we are thinking of our work the next day. So when the morning comes, our mind is routine or something that is out of the usual routine. So also in spiritual awaken spiritually is that our spiritual consciousness tells us that there is much work to be done for others in the world.

And so we wake up spiritually. We come to our spiritual senses, as it were. Fourthly, in physical awakening sometimes we are awakened because there is a danger that faces us. Somebody is shouting that a house has caught fire or a burglary is occurring. We are awakened by a strange sound and we rise up to see what the meaning of this strange sound is.

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This may be accompanied by a state of confusion. So also in spiritual awakening we may be awakened by somebody shouting at our spirits that there is danger around. This shouting may come from a preacher who tells us that we are in danger of getting lost in our lives, we are slipping away from the meaning of our existence. It may come from a book we are quietly reading, telling us that the earth is being engulfed in a danger of immense proportion. The sign here is this shouting of danger by our spirits.

This danger may be the prevalence of wickedness around. Because of this somebody prays for it, a form of shouting to heaven, an acknowledgment of sins and failures. Confusion may ensue but enlightenment follows with the spiritual awakening. Spiritual Awakening 1. Meditation, Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening. Spiritual Awakening Microsoft Outlook 4. Hungry Shark 7.

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